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We just love Popcorn...and Jelly, Jam, Syrups, Sauces!

You never know what we may be cooking up in our kitchen! Ideas come from all places, mainly the fresh ingredients we have on hand from our large green house and GBH Goods Garden! We are always planning ahead, using our hot peppers that grow so well in our location, the Pomegranates love the soil and flourish here, the tomatoes soak up the hot sun and the fruit trees love the temperatures! An abundance of fruit & produce inspire our flavors, the love of creativity and obsession with fresh ingredients, the best of the best drives us to grow, create and deliver the very best, tastiest and wonderful gourmet foods directly to you, we can't wait for you to taste and enjoy! Buy online or purchase in person at select stores or events.


It's what's on the inside that counts

Good Things CAN come in Small Packages!

Walk down Main Street in Camp Verde, you just might smell a delightful waft of Cinnamon or a wisp of sweet and spicy Jalapeno Lime! Located in the heart of town, our commercial kitchen may be small but we use every inch to create interesting and new flavor combinations, package up a wide variety of gourmet foods and bring them to you at a variety of events in Arizona!

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